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Architecture & Space

In a past life, I told the story of spaces.
The Coins Building


Advanced Design Studio w. Ron Witte Princeton University, 2009


The Stack of Coins Building stacks five stories of corporate offices and a grocery store in its core while its center stories, thrust out in an arc suspended over railroad tracks, forms a parking garage. The sense of precariousness establishes a theme of connections that holds the design’s programmatic elements together.

The Fibonacci Room


Advanced Design Studio w. Ron Witte Princeton University, 2009


The sculptural building explores relationships among the thematic idea, form, and function.


As an exercise in form and precursor to the Stack of Coins Building, this structure explores the opportunities created by horizontally and vertically offsetting circular stacks. Beginning with a Fibonacci spiral, the normally autocratic circle grows more versatile as more forms are added.

Judd Library Redesign


Junior Design Studio

w. Stephen Cassell & Adam Yarinsky Princeton University, 2009


The late sculptural artist Donald Judd owned a collection of over 10,000 books currently located on his ranch in Marfa, Texas. The Judd Library redesign uses the site of his 101 Spring Street loft to create a new home for the collection inspired by Judd’s novel use of color, light, and minimalist ideals.

Mobius Envelope


Intro Studio w. Catherine Seavitt Princeton University, 2007


This spatial study sought to take a simple foundation and add program with a broad stroke. I use a continuous white envelope whose folds provide for circulation and programmatic elements, and wrap it around the original frame like a Mobius strip. The sketch below conveys how each fold is constructed to accommodate the small user's scale.

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