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Strings: A Haunted Tale

I think the genre of horror is under-represented in 3D animation, so I created an animatic for an immersive short that slowly reveals a disturbing story about its former inhabitants.

TV Storyboards

Valt the Wonder Deer Season 3

A comedy adventure that follows magical deer Valt and his friends as they protect the Five Lands from evil. I boarded five 11-minute episodes, spending 5 weeks on each from roughs to polish. Comedy 00:00, Action 01:22, Drama 01:50. Password: alyce2020

Didi in 3D @
Disney TV Animation

Pilot storyboards created when developing my original "Didi in 3D" with Disney TV, with the help of storyboard consultant Casey Crowe. Below are full-page panels of one sequence, followed by thumbnails of the entire 11-minute pilot episode.

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